6 Top Tips for Selling Vacant or Probate Properties in Chelmsford

Our Sales Manager, Trefor Davies has put together his Top 6 Tips if you are selling a vacant or probate property in Chelmsford and offering some useful advice on things to consider if you find yourself in that situation. At the moment, we have noticed a few of our clients are in this position and whilst an empty property may on paper be easier to sell than one in which people currently live but there are a few things to keep in mind that can really help or possibly hinder a sale of that property if they are not done.

  • Clear all personal items or possessions from the property. Remove any unneccessary furniture and just leave those bigger itemsto allow potential purchasers to see the perspective of the room and possible layouts.
  • Ensure gardens are well maintained from commencement of the marketing and throughout the transaction. This is less likely to highlight that the property is currently empty. We are able to put our clients in touch with local people in Chelmsford that can provide a one off or regular gardening service if required and this also helps to add greater kerb appeal to the property.
  • Clear loft space and sheds to save time between exchange of contracts and completion. Again, we are able to refer people to local businesses in Chelmsford that can assist with these services.
  • Commence marketing with a thorough clean of the property. This will show the property in the best light possible and improve your chances of getting the highest price possible as well.
  • It is worth making sure that gas appliances get tested or serviced if they have not been done regularly. This is often a question or point that comes up later in the process and a question asked by the purchasers solicitor and can cause delays or add unexpected costs which then cause disagreements about who should pay for things. Be clear an upfront and get the paperwork in place.
  • If a weekly check of the property is required for insurance purposes then we can take care of this for you if we are instructed to sell the property. This is documented and dated for evidence of our inspections. Please talk to us if this service would be of value to you especially if you don’t live in Chelmsford but the property is located here.

I hope that is a useful list for you and maybe gives you something to consider if you have an empty property for sale in Chelmsford.

As always please get in touch with us and talk to us about a property that you may be looking to sell.

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