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Since the COVID pandemic hit in 2020 many people have changed how they work on a daily basis. People either commute less or in some cases don’t travel to work at all and whilst initially people were forced to work from home as all offices and most workplaces were closed it has led to a change in the way that many of us work and has allowed us to really think about how we work, when we work and where we work.

For many people “working from home” simply meant an opportunity to have a relaxed day or possibly even no work at all but for many it is now the norm to be able to still be as productive away from the office as it is to be in it. Having said that for many people there are 4 main objections for people that are now finding that they need to work outside of an office more regularly.

  • Their home may not be the best place for them to work due to other distractions. If they have a partner or kids at home it can be difficult to focus on their work and too easy to be distracted by other things going on at home or to recognise that they can be doing other things whilst they are actually at home.
  • Rising costs of gas and electric if working from home permanently. This is a bit of a hidden consideration however people need to be aware that if they are at home more epsecially during the winter they will want the heating on more and also will be using more electric with laptops, phone chargers etc, etc.
  • The actual space that people can dedicate within their home for work can also be limited or not suitable at all. Working from a dining table in a living room is ok for a short period of time but not sustainable or productive over a longer period of time.
  • If you do happen to have a dedicated work space and peace and quiet a lot of people can then find that they miss the social interaction of a normal working office environment. People love to interact with others and it gives them the feeling of being part of something bigger. Working on your own from home can have a negative effect on your mental well being.

From our offices in Chelmsford we offer the ability for completely flexible, all bills inclusive rent of a desk in a shared office space. The office is clean & modern and comes with a kitchenette area as well as disabled toilet facilities. It is on the ground floor and just off New London Road which is also just a short walk from the shops and amenities on Moulsham Street in Old Moulsham, Chelmsford.

The space is ideal for someone that wants to seperate their work from their home environment and have a base that they can work from. The office is accessible 24:7 and gives you all of the benefits of having a dedicated space in a shared work environment.

If you would like to find out more or arrange a viewing please get in touch on 01245 356039 or email

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