Get ready to sell your home in 2023 in Chelmsford

The end of 2022 is approaching and we have seen 2 distinct sides of the local property market in Chelmsford this year which has reflected the overall picture of the UK market as well.

Earlier in the year we saw continued growth, strong buyer demand and a shortage of properties coming to the market. This saw property prices increasing and very much was a sellers market. As we approach the start of 2023 this has changed. Demand is still there however with higher mortgage rates this has now made buying much more expensive. This means there are less serious buyers around currently however as we always say you only need the one right buyer for your property to complete the deal.

We have a number of new instructions lined up to come to the market in January and this will increase the supply of properties in Chelmsford. Prices for properties have softened in recent months and we might see continued reductions in asking prices to actually turn them into ‘sold prices’ whilst new instructions are hopefully priced realistically and show where the true market value is for each property.

If you are thinking of moving in 2023 and want to get a realistic opinion of the value of your property and where it sits in the local Chelmsford property market then please do get in touch and we would love to have the opportunity to come and meet you in your home and understand more about your own personal plans and how the sale of your house fits into that plan.

Plese contact Trefor or Louise and they will be delighted to hear from you. 01245 830003.

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