Sanctus Donations from McGovern & Co

When we started McGovern & Co we were keen to ensure that the values of the business shone through in our day to day activities. Whilst some people may see estate agents as people that just sell houses we know from our many years of experience in the industry that this is not just about bricks and mortar but also about another key component of that process which is people. Our business strap line is ‘Valuing People & Property’ and we want this to be a core element of our day to day work.

As many of you know Brian has worked for many years in the local community of Chelmsford with his project to support homeless people and that has proved to be a success and continues to provide that service today. Earlier in 2021 Brian stepped away from his involvement in that particular project but also continued his work during the lockdown and pandemic with the ‘Community bench’ which was located outside his own home and working with other local partners and business he was able to provide a ready supply of food and supplies for those that needed it most.

2021 has been a tough year for many people and it was the year in which we decided to start the business and we have been blown away with the support that we have been given along the way. The vast majority of small businesses do not make it past their 12 month anniversary and so we are delighted to not only be surviving at this stage but still continuing to grow and with a number of exciting plans and announcements to come in future months and years.

With all of this in mind we have decided that as a business we would like to continue to support the local homeless community and choose to do this through the excellent charity of Sanctus. – We will pledge to donate a percentage of our annual profits to help support the organisation and continue to highlight the great work that they do. All charities rely on donations from the public and we also feel that as a local business in Chelmsford we want to play a small part in that as well.


Brian and all the team at McGovern & Co

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