Shortage of family houses for sale in Chelmsford

Not everyone looks at stats but the property market can be measured in many different ways. Usually you hear about asking prices from Rightmove or average property prices from some of the major banks like Halifax.

Whilst these numbers can be useful it is important to look at your local area and understand what is happening there and not just as an average across the UK.

There is a shortage of properties available locally! (If you are one of the Rightmove addicts that checks the site daily you will be well aware of this). There are currently 443 properties available in Chelmsford under £500,000. Of these 306 are flats and only 137 are houses! (May 2022)

That is a very low number and shows why many people are currently hesitant about putting their property on the market as there is ‘nothing’ out there for them to buy. If everyone took that same approach the market would grind to a halt so we would be happy to talk to you about the current market conditions and give you the confidence to find your way through it all and work with us on that journey.

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