chelmsford investment property

A conundrum for Chelmsford landlords

If you are a landlord in Chelmsford and own one or more investment properties you have probably benefitted from some strong capital growth in the last few years and therefore might be sitting on equity that you now might wish to have in your account or to spend in different ways. Rents have risen significantly in recent years and currently (Nov 22) continue to head upwards on all rental properties in...

The changing mortgage market in relation to investment properties in Chelmsford

There is a lot of change happening in the world at the moment that affects the housing market in Chelmsford. If you are a landlord and have investment properties that are currently rented out you have probably experienced and noticed the huge increase in tenant demand and therefore rental values in Chelmsford in the last 18 months. On the surface this seems like a great position to be in and in terms of...

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