flats for sale in chelmsford

Supply of properties on the market in Chelmsford

Back in May 2022, we looked at one of the major property portals to get some specific data around the availability of houses for sale in Chelmsford. At that time the property market was still moving along swiftly and we and many other agents had the market imbalance of too many buyers for not enough properties. This helped to support high prices along with cheap borrowing costs. We were talking to many...

Flats for Sale in Chelmsford

There are a huge number of new build flats available in the city centre of Chelmsford. This is fairly normal for most major towns and cities around the UK and there is certainly a place in the market for those types of developments and opportunities for people to live in a new build flat. At the moment we are marketing 2 very different types of flats for sale in Chelmsford. Firstly, we...

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